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Chinook hops

Ambrosia Hop Yards is located in the Sierra Nevada foothills near Grass Valley, California. Our mission: to grow and develop the finest hops available.

We are actively working towards U.S.D.A. Organic Certification. Our entire operation, from beginning to end, is done in an organic and sustainable manner, in accordance with best practices and sustainable production methods—this being with intent to market premium organic hops to brewers and breweries for final production into fine craft beers.

Our Hops▼

At Ambrosia Hop Yards we specialize in whole cone hops—fresh leaf (wet), as well as dried.

We offer all brewers, from homebrewers to major establishments, our hops for direct sale from the farm. To order, please contact our sales representative “Sean” at the “Contact” link at the top of the page.

Hop Varieties▼

Each year we evaluate our planted varieties for best production and quality. Year-to-year we may add or eliminate varieties to insure you have the finest ingredients available for your craft beer recipe. Currently we are producing Centennial, Chinook, Fuggle, Mt.Hood, Nugget, and Sterling hops.

Please visit our Hop Info page for the latest varieties and to access our database of properties of each variety.

Please browse our website, where you can learn more about our hops and sustainable, integrated farming practices.